What our fellow retailers are saying.


The cards have been super popular and are flying off the rack! It’s been great to have cute cards added to our merchandise section and so convenient as well.

      Coffee Shop in Alberta

THANK YOU!! I love the card stand. It was really easy to assemble, it is so smooth to turn and I love the look of it. Your cards and the stand look great in the shop.

      Gift Shop in Ontario

Your cards are seriously doing so great in the shop! I was wondering if we could get a restock of your beautiful cards as they do so well!

      Gift Shop in British Columbia

I must say, this is such an easy and effective process- thought you guys should know.

      Grocery Store in British Columbia

The cards are doing great at the St. Albert location. Great news!! I would also like to get a rack for the 130th location. Can we set this up?

      Grocery Store in Alberta

Thanks again for being so organized and we were super impressed with the category tags and all the little details that went into it. Including stacking the cards in the order of the list you have attached. And that rolling rack is so well-designed and so beautiful. Just wanted to say GOOD JOB!

      Coffee Shop in Ontario

This consignment program actually sounds very interesting, especially as I have found it hard to stock greeting cards in the past, due to putting inventory payments towards books first and foremost.

      Book Store in British Columbia