Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get started with the Consignment Program and what is the process like?

Our simple Consignment Program is designed to help you generate cash flow and increase sales without having to make any investments for the display rack or cards, and minimize any ordering headaches.

Once we have had a chance to review your store, we will decide and provide you with a display rack (loaned to you complimentary) with a variety of card types & an assortment of our best-sellers and start to get everything ready shipped out to you. There will be instructions in the packages to help guide you through the set-up process, however, if you have any questions once received, let us know and we are more than happy to assist.

We will then touch base with you every 1-3 months (or as needed) for an inventory count. You are invoiced for the number of cards that have sold, and we send you any restocks, as necessary.

Alternatively, you may also remit payments to us monthly for the number of cards that have been sold and let us know when a restock is needed! We may also send cards for holidays and seasonal occasions.

Do you offer consignment on other products, other than greeting cards?

Yes, we do! We currently offer consignment on our other products such as magnetic bookmarks, stickers, and art prints for select retailers. The consignment split is the same on these products.

If there are other products that you are interested in having in your store, please inquire with us!  

I already have a card supplier. Can I still sell your cards?

Yes, of course! We have many stores that sell our cards alongside other brands, and our cards are often very complimentary which can help you drive incremental non-cannibalizing sales & margin.

What is the recommended retail price for the greeting cards?

The recommended retail price for our cards is $5.50 CAD + tax or $5.00 USD. We understand different types of stores and stores in different areas may want different pricing to reflect the local market (for ex. pricing in New York is normally higher than other cities due to higher rents). We are more than happy to adjust the pricing (not lower than $5.00 CAD/ $4.50 USD a card).

Isn't consignment complicated and hard to track?

Under our standard process, doing consignment is much more simpler than you think! It should overall be a pretty frictionless experience that doesn’t require much time or effort on your end. We’ve made it easy!

  1. Add one line item into your point-of-sale as “IMPAPER Greeting Cards”. All card skus & designs are batched up for ease.
  2. Provide us with a physical inventory count every 1-3 months (or as needed). This should take less than 15 minutes.
  3. We invoice you based on the count (if we sent you 100 cards but you now have 40 cards on hand, we invoice you for 60 cards sold) and send you a restock. There are no ordering headaches.
  4. We document and track everything sent and sold based on the inventory counts.

If you already have an established workflow for consignment such as sending monthly reports, that works perfect for us too! 

Where are IMPAPER products available?

IMPAPER sells directly to consumers online and to various stores across Canada & the United States in industries ranging from gift shops, home goods stores and florists, to grocery, pharmacies and more.

We try our best to ensure there are no similar stores in close proximity to you, please inquire with us about exclusivity.

My store operates on a seasonal basis, will this be an issue, & can I still participate in the Consignment Program?

Yes, we do work with seasonal stores (operating for select months of the year) such as garden centres, pop-up shops, and more!

Am I able to choose specific cards for my store?

Yes, absolutely you can choose specific cards for your store! If we’re setting up a rack in your store, to make things easier for you, we can send over a proposed list of cards that we think would work best & that have strong sell-through rates. You can then let us know if you would like to swap any out or let us know if you have any specific requests!

Otherwise, we usually provide an assortment of our best-sellers while keeping in mind your store demographic and target market. We will swap out cards over time as well as send seasonal cards as needed.

What are the dimensions for your various display racks, so we can find one that best fits our space?

The estimated dimensions for each display are as follows:

24 Slot Birchwood Countertop Display: 28” x 13.5” x 13.5”

36 Slot White Display: This rack has 3 arms (each arm is 9” in width) and is 18” wide, 58” to the top of the spinner (67 ¼” with the sign holder)

48 Slot Birchwood Standing Display: 62” x 16” x 16”

If you do not see a display that works for your store, we would be happy to help find a display that does! A display is recommended to increase sell-through, however, if you have limited space or already have a display, that is completely ok!

What is the approximate shipping/lead time, and can I track the status of my order?

Our approximate production and shipping time is upwards of two weeks.

For new consignment partners, once everything has shipped, you will be provided with all tracking links for the display rack and/or the product via email.